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Welcome to the page of Nakamura Lab. in University of Toyama.

中村 真人 教授

Mission and IntroductionOur laboratory focuses on the challenging study on “Can we manufacture biological organs by science and technology?”

Someone might wonder why we are addressing on such theme, but this is very important study, because the manufactured tissues and organs by human technology can dramatically develop the future medical technologies and the life science in 21 century.
Such researches are called “Tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine”,which are being promoted in all over the world.

The first mission of this laboratory is to develop advanced bio-medical engineering to develop future medicine and life science, including tissue engineering. We are studying how to manufacture biological tissues and organs, and challenging to develop innovative technologies, exploring and applying several medical and scientific technologies.

Research theme: “Can we manufacture biological organs by science and technology?”

  1. Evolution of Bioprinting and Biofabrication
  2. Development of the culture techniques for three dimensional engineered tissues
  3. Development and exploring of surrounding technologies for tissue engineering
  4. Other keywords: Biomedical instrumentation, Biomedical engineering for human health and welfare

Development of medical technologies and life science must promote human health and protect human life in all over the world both at present and future.

Furthermore, bio-medical engineering must become essential more and more for the development of future medicine and life science.

We welcome such students and members who have a precious will to learn and study bio-medical engineering to contribute to such missions.

Let’s make research together in our lab. in university of Toyama.

April 2009, Professor Makoto Nakamura wrote.

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